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42 Opus






The collection in 42 Opus is as huge as an orchestral work. Because it posts poetry/fiction/CNF every few days, hundreds of pieces make the site into a library. This results in a broad aesthetic ranging from contemporary experimental to classical (Donne, Milton). Hyperlinks and labels thrust readers through archives almost at random. Keywords such as speculative, ekphrastic, and prose poetry link one poem to others like it, which helps the writer with particular interests (or the teacher looking for examples). Readers accustomed to curling up in armchairs and reading handsomely designed print journals cover-to-cover may find this site difficult to settle into. But if you like flipping pages and skimming first paragraphs before reading on, this site will suit you. Regardless of your reading style, the editors want to share work that “[pursues] truth” and “reshapes..one experience of living, however small, and does [so] with an awareness of literary history.”

-Brad Modlin

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