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Each issue of Memorious, published bi-yearly since 2004, features cover art which serves as a gateway to the issue, where the muted colors bordering the page mirror the image’s palette. The understated visual aesthetic both reflects and highlights the journal’s carefully chosen content. There are no restrictions on form, length, or content of the poetry and fiction published in Memorious­; the current issue, for example, features lyrical flash fiction alongside long-form realist narrative and prose poems next to more stylized verse.  Besides a preference for clear, unadorned language, the unifying aesthetic for the poetry and prose in the most recent issues of Memorious can be described as moving. Each piece delves into the complexity of human emotion, whether achieved through traditional narrative or fanciful imagining. Given the editors’ skill at selecting such distinctive pieces, it’s not surprising that storySouth picked work by three Memorious contributors for the Million Writers Award Notable Stories of 2010. With its combination of stunning content and easily navigable links to the journal’s blog and archive of past issues, this is a journal whose site readers could happily spend hours on.

Jennifer Colatosti

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