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Submission Guidelines

In Brief:

Portal del Sol is always interested in sharp, compelling writing about writing and publishing, especially about experiences in the world of literary magazines. The Portal is committed to providing a meaningful space for critical, scholarly, and creative conversations that encounter this world, so we welcome your contributions.

The Portal accepts submissions and queries for literary and creative essays, journalistic features, letters to the editor, interviews, and journal reviews. Please send all submissions and queries to portal@webdelsol.com. We’ll do our best to respond to your inquiry within a month. If you haven’t heard from us after four weeks, please let us know. We regret that at this time Portal del Sol is unable to pay for content.

The Details:

Literary and Creative Essays, Journalistic Features:
We are looking for submissions of essays that explore experiences related to the writing life and journals. We are interested in gripping and thoughtful writing on writing, publishing, and editing. We want to be surprised and challenged. Beyond this, we have no other criteria. Length and form should meet the needs of the content and specific subject matter. We want essays that do something greater than present platitudes or vague advice. Rather, we are looking for essays that are tremendous in their own right. Submit or query at portal@webdelsol.com.

Letters to the editor:
Have something to say about the world of literary magazines? Have something to say to the world of the literary magazines? To writers, readers, and editors? Have something to say about a feature that appeared in this or another publication? Send letters to the editor for publication in the Portal to portal@webdelsol.com. There are no restrictions regarding length or content, but all letters must have an identified author. No queries about letters to the editor, please.

Interviews and Reviews:
The Portal reviews specific issues of literary magazines and runs an editor interview series, in addition to an “editors interviewing editors” feature. If you are interested in participating in either series, as an interviewer or interviewee, or in reviewing a particular journal, please query portal@webdelsol.com with details about the proposed project, including a brief bio.

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