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The Latent Print

The Latent Print

This journal’s distinct flavor is hinted at in its name – its featured work attempts to reveal complexities that simmer beneath surfaces, the concealed emotions, hidden forms, and suppressed thoughts. Through both artwork and writing, the journal becomes the “home of unwavering creative spirits” it claims to be. This is a home for almost any kind of art, from graphic design to mixed media to simple drawings, some cartoonish in nature, others dark and surreal, but always colorful and textured, thought-provoking and strange. This is also the home to screen plays, experimental essays, poetry, short story, and flash fiction. The tone of each piece is conversational, gritty, sensual, confessional, sexual, often working to be seen as well as read, as some pieces sport colorful fonts and take over the page in new ways. Each work is preceded by an image (and sometimes homemade mini-movie) of the author, teaching us to read the work through their eyes, reminding us that each piece was once inside and has worked to find its way out of a dormant state and onto the page.

Mary Stone Dockery

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